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I was born the 16th January 1975 in Milan;
while studying (aerospace engineer) and later working (Curriculum Vitae), I spent most of my time practising:


I began in the 1993, for several years I had been rollerblading almost everyday, specialising in the high-jump discipline, namely take a 60 cm high ramp, a pair of roller and try to fly as high as possible, but watch out for the landing!
Since the 1997 I practise also slalom\ free style (to twist the legs around 20 cones) and, currently, free style and speed slalom are the discipline I'm investing most of my time when I wear a pair of roller on my feet. I did, and I still do, exbitions throughout Italy (also in Sweden...yeah!) sponsored by well-known brands. I promise you, it's a lot of fun!



As much fond as for roller, I'm for ice-skates. I n wintertime I'm used to ice-skate in the frozen lakes in the north of Italy, and in Sweden, during my one year stay, I spent every evening in the ice ring in downtown: When I ice-skate I love hearing the sound of the scratched ice breaking the silence



The kayak has been a kind of first sight love, since I tried one in the 1985 I've never given up being fond of it. I've kayaked a lot in the northern Italy lakes, moreover sometimes I join a white water kayak team (I mean kayaking in the rivers) and this is really fun, even I'm still a beginner!!! Now (2007) I live nearby a lake, and it takes a shot to have it on the water. Hence I kayak everytime I wish; this is the best I could get!!!!!



It's few years (since 2000) I'm climbing but, even I'm still a beginner, I love it. Actually I like the challenge of overcoming a vertical cliff and the freedom you feel when there's no floor under you. Living among the wildlife let me to climb even in the evening after the work

If you're not bored to death yet and you want to know more about me read my Curriculum Vitae.

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Where I live in Varese (2003)



ROLLERBLADE high jump     (click on the pics to enlarge)

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Jumping over a car

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Jumping through the flames

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Jumping 2.7 m high

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Jumping without ramp

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VIDEO: a jump through the fire! (6.8 Mb)

To see it you need the Div X plug in: (free download here)


ROLLERBLADE speed slalom \ free style      (click on the pics to enlarge)

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Showing off in Milan

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Showing off in Milan


ICE SKATING      (click on the pics to enlarge)

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Ice skating nearby Varese (Italy)

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It's a buoy on a frozen lake (Italy)

backcross ice skating

VIDEO: back-cross ice skating
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       High res 15Mb


KAYAKING     (click on the pics to enlarge)

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White water kayaking


CLIMBING      (click on the pics to enlarge)

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Climbing in Liguria (Italy)



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80 m jump from a bridge (Italy)

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